June 13, 2024
sustainable beach

Nothing is more soothing and exciting at the same time than beaches. Where the enormity of the ocean is thrilling, the cool breeze winds have a calming effect. When on a beach, one can only admire and be amazed at the miracles of nature.

Being on the beach revives your love for nature, it also inspires you to choose environment-friendly. So, how would an eco-friendly person pack a beach bag? Things like sustainable beach towels in Australia, eco-friendly bags, natural sunscreen, etc would essentially be a part of that. Here we explore what essentials you can choose to make a perfect sustainable beach bag and honor mother nature while relaxing in her arms.

Fluffy, big, organic beach towels

A towel is a must when you are going to a beach. Sometimes you may like to carry two or even three. Choose high-quality organic towels that are generous in size, soft, and super-absorbent.

Some reputed brands offer quality pieces that can last for a decade even after several washes. You can pick an organic bath sheet to hold your fort on the beach, one for toweling off, and one for your hotel use if you prefer to bring your own.

Stylish beach bags

You can find numerous options in the market for organic bags that you can use to carry your essentials to the beach. Jute, cotton, and many other options are also available for picking your favorite material.

However, a popular and practical choice is a tote bag. These are handy and can easily hold good weight, often nearly 15 lbs. These tough yet stylish bags are great companions for a beach outing.

Effective and safe sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must to protect you from harsh sun, especially when on the beach and in contact with the ocean’s salty water. But if you are someone who thinks of protecting nature along with your protection, choose a reef-safe sunscreen.

Every drain that washes your chemical-based cream eventually ends up in the ocean. You can make your contribution in slashing down this addition by choosing a sunscreen that does not have chemicals like octinoxate and oxybenzone.

A cool hat

Another way to keep yourself safe is to use hats that cover your head and prevent direct sun fall on your eyes and forehead. Bigger straw hats are popular and also a great option for an ocean day. These are stylish and practical and most of all eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly sunglasses

Eye protection is one of the biggest priorities whenever you are going out. Sunglasses not just protect your eyes from sun, sand, and strong wind but also elevate your oomph. You can easily find sustainable sunglasses that are made of biodegradable material and suitable for your outing.

Snacks and munchies

Don’t worry, no one is restricting you on what you can eat on a beach day. It’s a fun day, do what you like and eat what you want. But you can always choose wisely how you carry your snacks.

Things like stainless pint cups, stasher bags, and bamboo forks can do it all for you. Make sure your packaging like plastic wraps, drinking cups, etc does not wash away into the water.

Your favorite beach reads

Playing beach games and water sports are great. But if you planning a more relaxed day, you might like to read some good books while laying at the seaside. Do not forget to keep a couple that would serve your craving and suits the mood of the day.

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