June 13, 2024
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Bags are the ultimate fashion accessory for women to present their style and class. A luxury handbag matching your outfit, irrespective of the occasion, can take your look to the next level and make everyone notice you. Bags are, however, specific to their purposes and vary in styles, designs, shapes, and sizes. Here are the top 5 bags you should have in your closet to stay abreast of the latest trends.

1. Hobo bags for women

Top of the list is hobo bags for women. A shoulder bag with a strap to fit around the arm and shoulder, hobo bags add simplicity and functionality to one’s style. They have become increasingly popular among women for the space, size variants, and comfort they offer. These wardrobe essentials are available in a range of exclusive styles, designs, shapes, fabrics, and colors to fit all occasions and outfits. Brands you should try for extra grace could be Allen Solly, Tommy Hilfigure, Elliza Donatien, Van Heusen, and Lino Perros.

2. Tote bags for women

Adding a couple of Tote bags to your bag collection will add to your style. Totes are all-time classics, designed for sheer comfort and a luxurious feel. Apart from being trendy, Tote bags for women are versatile enough to come in handy in almost every situation, whether you are going out shopping grocery, for a stroll with friends, or a long drive with the family. If you are looking for a bag to carry your necessary belongings and accessories in style, tote bags are what you may need.

3. Satchel bags for women

Investing in well-crafted, chic satchel bags could make everyone praise you. Satchel bags are among some of the most popular bag choices. Available in a range of trendy designs, shapes, and sizes, these timeless pieces offer a little extra style and comfort to the wearer. The quality and finish may, however, vary from brand to brand. For the best bet when looking for a satchel bag for women, give Elliza Donatein, Steve Madden, Guess, and Allen Solly a try.

4. Leather laptop bag women

Professional ladies cannot do without a sleek, contemporary leather laptop bag. Carrying a laptop and its accessories without a bag creates a lot of inconvenience. These formal bags do not restrict your design and color choices. They are spacious enough to contain a laptop and its accessories. Not only will they protect your device from scratches, bumps, water, and dust, but they will also help leave a style statement. A branded leather laptop bag for women can give your looks a makeover. These bags are on-the-go essentials when you carry your laptop. A few brands you would love and should get your hands on could be Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Lavie, and Baggit.

5. Sling bags for women

Sling bags could be a valuable addition to your existing bag collection. No matter what outfit you pair them with, sling bags for women are the best picks to upgrade their looks and present their class in the best possible way. While they add to the convenience of carrying cash, cards, mobile phone, makeup essentials, phone chargers, and everything you may need on the go, the wearer can choose from an endless assortment of designs, shapes, sizes, and styles, ranging from casual to premium, classy bags for all occasions. And when you have a timepiece from top brands like Guess, Elliza Donatein, Baggit, Lavie, etc., it will be like experiencing luxury in the form of a bag.


Buying a classy, designer bag could be a fantastic investment as it adds a lot to your class and personality while giving you the luxury of carrying on-the-go belongings. It is a way to present your style and personality. However, if you are dicey about choosing the right fit, try the bags listed above to keep pace with the latest fashion trends.

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