April 14, 2024
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When you cross the threshold of a baby shoe store, you wonder what the right pair would be. After much consideration, a choice will have to be made. So how about following the recommendations in this article to find the perfect shoe model for your little angel?

Which shoe size to choose: high or low?

If your child is still very young (between 6 and 12 months), it is strongly advised not to wear low shoes . Opt for high models instead, because they have the right sole. This one manages to maintain not only the heel, but also it allows to keep the soles of the feet.

However, be careful not to put him in high shoes too soon. This may make it difficult for him to take those first steps. From the age of 2, you have the free choice between the two types of models for your baby.

What closure system for your child’s shoe?

Now that the insole size issue is resolved, let ‘s look at the proper closure system for a junior’s shoe. For the youngest, opt for models with laces, they are very suitable for keeping the foot. In this case, it should be noted that the higher the lacing, the more difficult it is for the shoe to open.

Age is also a determining factor in determining the locking system. Thus, after reaching the age of 2, your child learns step by step to put on his own shoes. Therefore, you can opt for shoes that close with Velcro . This would allow him to have an easier time closing his shoes like a grown-up.

Do you need a zipper at the back necessarily?

The main role of this accessory is to facilitate the wearing of your child’s shoes. Its use should not be abusive , because the shoe may not be sufficiently unlaced. This could cause your child’s toes to be positioned incorrectly inside the shoe. And so, to prevent the latter from getting stuck or the toes remaining badly positioned, the zipper at the back, you can do without it. So let’s see the other points to check for a good choice.

The other characteristics of the right pair of baby shoes

To avoid allergies, opt for shoes with a leather lining and upper. At the level of the sole, it must have a size of 1 cm at the most then must be non-slip and resistant. This will make it easier for your child to move forward with their new pairs.

 As for the rising stem, it must be flexible enough to make it easier for your little one. One last detail, each child has a particular morphology, forget the idea of ​​making your child wear the pairs of his eldest. Now you can go to the shoe store without risking paying for the wrong model for your child.

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