July 21, 2024
Eyebrow Embroidery

You’ve probably heard “brow embroidery” in the last few years and had no idea what it meant.

The high-brow PMU jargon is all over the place. For example, there is a constant misunderstanding about eyebrow tattoo and whether it is the same as permanent cosmetics. Then there are the treatments that have been around long enough for the general public to be familiar with, like microblading and powder ombre brows.

However, there are so many variations on just two strategies that it can be difficult to keep up. Furthermore, as with eyebrow embroidery, various artists may use different titles for the same technique.

Let us try to clear things up. Then, continue reading to learn about brow embroidery, how it’s done, and whether it’s the same as microblading.

What Exactly Is Eyebrow Embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery is a long-term treatment for filling in your brows, adding volume, and changing the arch shape to fit your face.

It is a type of micro pigmentation in which colours are injected into the skin to enhance it. The densifying effect is created by drawing extra brow hairs between your native brow hairs and on the borders of your natural arch. Arches are built from scratch if you don’t have any brow hairs owing to problems such as postpartum hair loss.

The goal is to make your brows look so natural that no one will notice you’ve had work done, and you won’t need any additional brow makeup.

How Does It Work?

Licensed PMU technicians or artists execute brow embroidery. It is a manual process, which means no tattoo machine is used.

Instead, the artist employs a hand tool with a super-fine blade of several needles to create hair-shaped wounds filled with colour. Then, the pigments are injected into the skin’s dermis layer, which can remain for months or even years in some situations.

What distinguishes eyebrow embroidery from typical brow tattoos is that the pigments used are developed explicitly for permanent cosmetics and are intended to dissolve over time. They are also custom-mixed to precisely match the colour of your natural hair.

One of the most significant advantages of permanent makeup is the precision and definition created with this procedure, which cannot be achieved with any brow makeup product.

Is Microblading the Same as Eyebrow Embroidery?

Yes, eyebrow embroidery is just a fancy way of saying microblading.

Other terms for the same or somewhat comparable technology include:

  • 3D eyebrows
  • Embroidered 3D brows
  • Microstrokes
  • brow feathers (same as above)
  • Combined brows (a bit of microshading is added to the microblading)
  • brows that are hybrids (same as above)
  • brows in 6D (again, microshading is added, but two shades of pigment are used)

Furthermore, many artists construct their distinctive stroke patterns and opt to brand them and rename the treatment. So don’t be shocked if you come across microblading therapy under various names.

What Is the Meaning of Eyebrow Embroidery?

Drawing on extra hairs on the skin is similar to fabric embroidery, which involves producing various designs on material with a needle and thread.

Many artists were reminded of this traditional technique and chose to play around and give it a unique name because the incisions on the brows are done with a needle, each stroke is done individually, and it is an art in a way.

Isn’t she adorable?

How Long Do the Symptoms Last?

We don’t mean “for life” when we say eyebrow embroidery is a permanent brow improvement.

The effects are quite long-lasting, lasting between 12 and 18 months. Because the colour injected is not tattoo ink but cosmetic tattoo pigments, it is progressively broken down by the body and finally fades.

This is a positive development. It means you’re not bound with the same brow shape indefinitely but have the option to change it every year or two. We want to alter and upgrade our brow game as we age and trends change, and the fact that eyebrow embroidery fades allows us to do so.

Of course, if you enjoy the results of brow embroidery, you may plan a touch-up or colour boost to extend them. However, if you decide they’ve bored you and no longer desire them, you may let them fade or even accelerate.

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