July 21, 2024
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The time has come ! You finally begin your quest for the ideal dress model, a moment that you have dreamed of so much, only you do not know very well what to do or where to start, one thing is certain you have to find THE perfect wedding dress!

How to choose your wedding dress: 5 steps to find the perfect modelElsa Gary

Wedding dress Advice

The time has come ! You finally begin your quest for the trendy wedding dress ,  a moment you have dreamed of so much, only you are not sure what to do or where to start. One thing is for sure you have to find THE perfect model. Here are our  5 tips for finding the part that will make your heart beat (and that of mister, of course).

Step 1. According to your personality

The dress should first reflect the natural style of the bride. You can choose a dress that is at the cutting edge of fashion, but if the model does not suit you or does not suit you, it will be noticed instantly. To find the ideal piece, let yourself be advised by the designer or his sellers, while keeping in mind your initial idea. The important thing is not to hide your personality but on the contrary to assert it through your dress.

Step 2. Depending on the fabric

Many brides quickly put aside the idea of ​​a made-to-measure dress because they always think that a seamstress is more expensive than a store. But the game is worth the effort, for a tailor-made model , the fabrics are of high quality, this unique dress will fit you like a glove since it is made from your body type. If you do not consider this option, we advise you to choose a model in store and then customize it . An adjustment to the size, an addition of lace, a different fabric… anything goes as long as it reflects your personality!

Being beautiful and feeling comfortable are not necessarily incompatible. If you wear a dress that is too tight, you will not be able to fully enjoy the banquet and you may regret it. It is important to keep your goal in mind: to enjoy this beautiful day . To do this, it is important to choose the right fabric .

Step 3. According to your skin tone

Choosing the right shade of white for your skin tone is imperative , as all skin types are different. Don’t panic, here is the repertoire of the different tones of a wedding dress:

Pure white: a bluish and luminous white. This is the color of communion dresses and works well for dark skinned brides.

Snow white: a radiant white but without a bluish tint, the color of snow. It is, however, an unpopular color. Much like pure white, it is ideal for brides with dark skin.

Step 4. According to your morphology

You surely already have an idea as to the model you are looking for, but is this the right fit for you? Beyond the love at first sight that one can feel for a creation, you must be aware that it is possible that it does not suit you. Most brides always go to their dress fitting with a clear and precise idea, but many of them end up choosing a completely different model. So you know what’s right for you, here’s our guide to dresses and silhouettes :

A round silhouette : choose a high waist dress, like an empire cut  where the skirt is fluid and falls along the body. Favor sweetheart or V necklines . For this type of morphology, less is more, we prefer a simple and elegant dress, without many ornaments.

According to your chest : if you want to hide your chest, bet on the V-necklines . You can also choose a dress with a round or boat neckline, but we forget the closed necklines.

When trying on , do not stay frozen in front of the mirror. We advise you to walk, sit, jump, dance, raise your arms … If there is a movement that you do not feel comfortable with, then this is not the perfect dress. You are going to experience a million emotions with it and have to wear it for many hours during which you will not be standing still, so it is important that this dress is comfortable.

We also recommend that you do not go to the fitting room with more people than necessary. Believe it or not, opinions, wherever they come from, always influence and, even more so, when it comes to choosing your outfit for D-Day . Take only one or two people that you feel comfortable with and trust, for example, your mother and sister.

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