May 26, 2024

Beautiful couple of young people wearing sunglasses enjoying life in the summer. She's looking at the camera.


Given how popular sunglasses are as a product and how frequently customers tend to pick up a pair (or a few pairs) on impulse, it is actually quite surprising the level of ignorance among certain retailers about how to market them properly. Part of that ignorance involves when to sell sunglasses. Many people think that the summer is the only time when these items sell; this isn’t even close to being true. In fact, sunglasses sell very well in winter. Furthermore, the high fashion ones sell all year round because sunglasses are not just a part of summer outfits.

And speaking of high fashion sunglasses, this leads us to another ignorance regarding the best way to market sunglasses. There is a general unawareness of the two fundamental categories of sunglasses typically sold by retailers. The first of these are the Ray Bans, Oakleys, etc. which have price tags in the hundreds and are purchased on account of brand prestige.

The other kind are bulk designer sunglasses, typically purchased from wholesalers. These glasses are much cheaper (though still of high quality), and they sell because people need them – often in a pinch. Naturally enough, the way to market these two types of sunglasses varies a great deal.

How to Make Sunglasses Ads

When it comes to making ads, this important distinction between the two main categories of sunglasses is important. We can set aside the expensive brand name glasses here. Suffice it to say, these glasses essentially sell themselves and the ads are going to be made by the companies. Customers will see the ads on television, in glossy magazines, or on Tom Hardy’s face at his latest film premier. Your only job is to let your customers know that you stock them!

Coming to the other high-quality designer-like sunglasses that do not have the expensive brand name attached – these are sunglasses that you could find yourself making ads for. Olympic Eyewear, a wholesaler of such sunglasses, note that while they do provide some amount of marketing on their website, it is down to retailers – both online and off- – to really shift units once they have them in stock. There is plenty attractive about these sunglasses – practical, inexpensive, durable and, indeed, fashionable – so marketers have a lot to work with when making ads.

Tips for Sunglasses Ads

Product Presentation

One of the most important things to get right is to present the actual products well. Normally, this means taking the color of the sunglasses into account, and surrounding an image of the product with unostentatious, yet elegant, colors that complement the colors of the sunglasses themselves.

Attractive Models

Getting the right model for a pair of sunglasses involves much more than getting the prettiest person. Sunglasses will presuppose a style, that style will suggest an outfit that will go with the glasses and that outfit will suggest a certain personality type for the person wearing them. If the glasses lend themselves to elegance, a rebellious look, professionalism or whatever, you need to find a model who looks like that person.

Emphasize Use Too

If you are selling a pair of sunglasses in the winter, for example, then you will want to market them towards those engaging in winter pursuits. Accordingly, you can create an ad which actually shows the glasses in use. To continue with this example, this might be a snowboarder overlooking a stunning winter vista and proudly sporting the shades.

Sunglasses ads are diverse, and the above tips should be considered only pointers. It is a good place to start but, as has always been the case in advertising, innovation is rewarded. Get creative!

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