July 21, 2024
choosing your wedding dress

And that is why, in your perilous journey to find THE dress of your life, certain mistakes can be avoided. We explain how to choose your wedding dress, what are the traps to avoid, how to try on your dress … Discover our 10 tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress according to your desires!

Choosing your wedding dress in the wrong conditions

Cheap or designer wedding dress : the important thing is that you fall in love with it. To do this, carefully follow our advice.

On the one hand, you will spend the majority of your fitting with the panties in the air (the time that the advisor fixes a certain element of the dress),  invisible clothing to make you a real opinion of the dress you are trying on.

Choose a dress that doesn’t suit you

You fixate on the wedding dress of your favorite star. Bad luck, you don’t have the same shape as her or the same style usually …

It is a shame not to choose your dress according to your personality and your usual tastes. The prettiest of brides is a bride who stays true to who she really is!

Betting on a diet to choose the size of your dress

While it is easy to tighten the dress thanks to the fairy work of a seamstress, the reverse is not so simple.

It is therefore a very bad omen to want to buy a dress that is too small by telling yourself that on the day, thanks to the miracle diet that we started last week (and that we will maybe stop tomorrow who knows?) , the dress should fit perfectly on us.

The good idea is to take a dress that fits us ideally at the moment-T and tell the sales consultant that we are, possibly, on a diet. She will thus be able to organize herself for any adjustment.

Try on a wedding dress under pressure

Choose your dress at the last moment

The ideal is to choose your wedding dress  well in advance.If you choose to entrust the choice of your dress to a small designer , his schedule may be overloaded …

If you choose a dress from a large manufacturer, the models may quickly be limited if you delay too much.

Finally, by choosing your dress well in advance, you take into account the different fittings needed before the big day!

Make a fitting with all his group of girlfriends

Even if it is tempting to bring your whole gang of girlfriends or your whole family (mother, aunt, sister, grandmother, 5 year old cousin), it is better to be accompanied by one or two people at the maximum.

Choose a person with taste and who will not hesitate to give you constructive remarks “no, this sequined boa is not very suitable for your romantic vintage dress”.

Suggest to your group of friends to come and discover your dress during the second fitting , this time, chatting is highlyrecommended!

Overload your outfit with accessories

A crown of flowers, a veil, gloves, a necklace, dangling earrings, a bouquet larger than your head. Isn’t that a bit much?

Choose one or two main accessories (the veil and the bouquet for example) and remain discreet about the rest.

A feminine bride with subtlety is exactly what you want to look like. “Not too much” as the saying goes.

Remember that you will stay most of the day on the move: between the ceremony, the kiss to the whole family, the dinner where you will see everyone, the show, the first dance and the crazy evening …

You deserve a wedding dress that you will be comfortable in. Exit the sumptuous dresses with which you can not take a step.

 You deserve a wedding dress that you will be comfortable in.

Hello pretty dresses in which you feel more beautiful and confident than ever!

Wanting to be dressed all in sequins for a country wedding or, on the contrary, playing the “barefoot bride” in a chic reception hall, this is not necessarily a good idea.

It is important to adapt her dress to the conditions of the marriage and the spirit you want to give it.

How many fittings before finding THE wedding dress ?!

Go for it with your head down and try on 26,596 dresses

Because it’s exhausting and confuses the mind. Instead, think about your desires, take a tour of the websites of the various designers and retailers or consult our selection of wedding dresses shopping .

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