June 13, 2024
Skincare Products

Most women believe that pregnancy is the most magical time of their lives. The joy of impending motherhood and growing one’s family can indeed be quite exhilarating. This is a period when women must prioritize self-care. Besides health and nutrition, skincare must necessarily find a place in your daily routine when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy hormones can cause the skin texture to change quite radically. The legendary pregnancy glow is possible, but every expectant mother does not necessarily experience it. Some women find their skin drier and duller due to the effect of the hormones. Fine lines, dark spots, and pigmentation are quite common. A regular skincare routine can help you de-stress and keep your skin nourished and radiant through your pregnancy.

Things to keep in mind when choosing skincare products during pregnancy

  • Avoid products that contain ingredients such as retinoids, isotretinoin, hydroquinone, salicylic acid, and phthalates. Several skin care products contain these ingredients, but studies show that their use by pregnant women is linked to birth defects.
  • Pick skincare products with natural ingredients and free from toxic chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, and silicones. Look for products that are dermatologically tested and deemed safe for use.

Skincare essentials for pregnant women

All about cleansing –

In some women, pregnancy can cause a great deal of oil and sebum to build up on the face. In other cases, it could cause dry skin, redness, and irritation. In both cases, using a mild cleanser is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. In addition, a gentle face wash infused with rose water and essential vitamins can also help clean the skin and restore a dewy freshness.

The moisture boost –

Skin dryness and the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy often leave the skin looking dull. So loading up on moisturizer is always a good idea. Picking a product like the Skin Revive Nectar Moisturizer from Wow Skin Science can bring you the natural benefits of shea and cocoa butter, moroccan argan oil, and beetroot extracts that help improve skin elasticity and replenish the natural moisture balance of the skin.

Sun protection –

A reliable sunblock or sunscreen is always a good idea, but when you are pregnant, it becomes essential. Pick an AM to PM sunblock with SPF 50 for complete, long-lasting protection. Take care to avoid sunscreen that contains mineral oil or parabens. If you plan to stay out for long hours, opting for a water-resistant sunscreen may be a good idea.

Pure Vitamin C Daily Face Gel is perhaps the best form of skin care. The antioxidant properties help combat free radicals and skin damage. This also helps brighten the skin and reverse patchiness and pigmentation. TheWOW Skin Science Vitamin C gel with Aloe Vera reviews are a testimony to its quality and deems it a product worth trying.

Skin-soothing –

As the baby bump grows, stretch marks appear, causing a lot of itchiness and flakiness. The use of a dedicated stretch care oil enhanced with the natural goodness of oils like olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil is perfect for improving skin elasticity and reducing stretch marks. Opt for a stretch care oil containing essential oils like rosehip, calendula, lavender, and sea buckthorn.

Pregnancy is the perfect time to pamper yourself and your skin. So remain regular in your skincare routine to get that beautiful glow you have been dreaming about.

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